Manufacturing Facility : Packaging Plant, QA and QC

Packaging Plant

  • Packaging Plant started production in 2003.
  • At present, assorted about 300,000 Pcs (10,000 Pcs/day) White and/or Brown Cartons per month are produced.
  • In addition, this plant is also capable of supplying 4-6 colored Printed Cartons..

Sturdy Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Top-of-the-Line Testing and Quality Control in-house Laboratory, operated by highly qualified and skilled Technicians.

36 types of tests in the Quality Control Laboratory:

  • Tests for Microwave and Dishwasher safety
  • Tests for Acid and Detergent Resistance
  • Testing on Heavy Metal Release (compliance with Lead & Cadmium requirements of USFDA & California State Prop 65)
  • Whiteness color measurement
  • Tests on Thermal Shock
  • Strength (hardness) Tests
  • Hot Water Tests
  • Chipping Tests etc.

Shinepukur adopts detailed Quality Assurance by engaging QC inspector at every production section.

  • Continuous Quality Assurance in different stages of Production.
  • Check the running products in every stage with that of reference samples.
  • Original sample room for each buyer to keep their reference approved sample.
  • Using Lead and Cadmium free colors as per the guideline of USFDA & California State Proposition 65.
  • Quality Inspection by Shinepukur regular QC team.