Manufacturing Facility : Bone China Plant

Shinepukur Ceramics Limited (SCL) is the Leader in Manufacturing and Marketing both of Bone China and Porcelain tableware in Bangladesh. To set-up the manufacturing facility for both Bone China and Porcelain, with latest and flexible Technology and modern machineries & equipments from Japan where commercial production of Porcelain and Bone China started in April 1999 and November 1999, respectively.

Manufacturing Facility of Shinepukur is on 25 acres of land, located in the BEXIMCO Industrial Park with a total covered area of 588,000 SFT and with all the infrastructural facilities in place.

Tableware Production
About 10,000 Pieces of high quality Bone China and 50,000 Pieces of top class Porcelain Tableware are produced at Shinepukur per day, that is about 3.00 million pieces of Bone China and 18.00 million pieces of Porcelain Tableware are produced at Shinepukur per year.

First half of 2012, the Production capacity in Shinepukur’s Bone China Plant will be 7.00 million pieces per year, including additional 4.00 million pieces after completion of its Bone China Unit-II. The Machineries of this Unit were sourced from Germany and Kilns were sourced from Takasago, Japan.

Bone China Plant

  • The largest Bone China plant in the entire SAARC Region and the first Company in Bangladesh to introduce BONE CHINA technology and products.
  • Originally set-up with a technology transfer from NIKKO Japan – the master Bone China producer of the world.
  • Auto-spray glazing
  • Barrel polishing with auto-washing
  • Hot & cold conveyer belt at Decoration
  • Fully-muffle decoration firing Roller Hard kiln.
      Biscuit Kiln (BK)
      Glost Kiln (GK)
      Decoration Kiln (DK)
  • Current Production Capacity 3MT (10,000 pieces) per day and 3 million pieces (approx.) annually.

New Bone China Plant (Unit-II)

  • Under Construction.
  • Specialized equipments, e.g.
    Machineries   Functionality   Procured From
    SAMA special two-chamber Spray Glazing Machine   Glazing   Germany
    Fully Muffle Firing Glost-kiln   Glost-firing   Takasago, Japan
    Reidhammer ‘In-Glaze and On-Glaze’ Decoration-kiln   Decoration   Germany
  • Fully automated forming machineries.
  • Special Uni-roller machineries and Ram Press.
  • With the addition of this new plant, Company’s total Bone China capacity will be raised to a total of 7.5 MT per day and 7.5 million pieces (approx.) annually.